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True or False Answers

Puzzle One

- Before that time Sojourner was known as Isabella Hardenbergh.

2. FALSE - Sojourner Truth never learned to read or write. Her friend, Olive Gilbert, wrote the book while they were living with the Northampton Association.

3. FALSE - Sojourner Truth was born as a slave in 1797 in Hurley, Ulster County, New York.

4. TRUE - When her master had difficulty selling Sojourner, who was then called Isabella Hardenbergh, he added six sheep to help sell her.


6. FALSE - Sojourner's house was demolished and the site on which it stood has not yet been marked as a historical site.

7. FALSE - The famous picture of Sojourner Truth and President Lincoln was not a photograph, but a painting done as a historical representation of their meeting.

8. FALSE - While often mistaken for Sojourner Truth, the woman leading the slaves in the statue is Harriet Tubman.


10. TRUE - Sojourner often said she sold teh shadow, or her picture, to support the Substance while she traveled to speak.

Puzzle Two


2. FALSE - The year was 1851 and the city was Akron Ohio. Some modern historians question whether the speech was made at all.

3. FALSE - Sojourner actually worked   to get Kansas land for freedmen.

4. FALSE - Sojourner Truth was accused of being a man in Silver Lake, Indiana in October, 1858. Many suffragists were similarily accused due to their strong political ideals.


6. FALSE - In 1826 Sojourner Truth escaped slavery and remaind free under a New York law banning slavery. On July 4, 1827 she was legally freed with all remaining slaves in New York state with the New York Emancipation Act. Women won the right to vote until 1920.


8. TRUE - In 1865 Sojourner Truth rode in horse carts in Washington D.C., much to the dismay of area whites. Blacks were restricted to the back of the horse cart but she demanded to ride in front.

9. FALSE - Sojourner Truth changed her name in 1843. She died in her home on college Street in Battle Creek Nov. 26, 1883.

10. FALSE - The pathfinder rover vehicle was exploring Mars.



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