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True or False Puzzler 1

1. Sojourner Truth chose her new name in 1843 because she planned to travel the land and speak the truth. TRUE or FALSE

2. Sojourner Truth wrote her first book in 1850, "The Narrative of Sojourner Truth, A Northern Slave." TRUE or FALSE

3. Sojourner Truth was born in Africa and was brought over, to America and made a slave.

4. When Sojourner Truth was around nine years old she was sold to a new master along with six sheep.  TRUE or FALSE

5. Sojourner Truth died in her home in Battle Creek on November 26, 1883. 

6. Sojourner's home still stands on College Street as a historical site. TRUE or FALSE

7. The photograph of Sojourner Truth and President Abraham Lincoln was taken in 1864 when she visited the White House, in Washington D.C.   TRUE or FALSE

8. The Underground Railroad sculpture in Battle Creek depicts a scene with Sojourner Truth leading a group of slaves to freedom.

9. Sojourner Truth is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Her daughters Elizabeth and Diana are buried near her and her other daughter, Sophia is buried at Harmonia.  TRUE or FALSE

10. Sojourner Truth used to sell pictures of herself to help support herself while she traveled across the country.  TRUE or FALSE


Print this page and circle your best answer for each question.
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