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010 What was the name of the whaling ship that Sojourner's son Peter shipped out on?

Peter shipped out on the whaling ship, Zone of Nantucket,  in 1839. Isabella received a total of five letters from Peter, but when the whaler returned in 1842  there was no sign of Peter -- Isabella never heard from him again.

011 What kind of work did Sojourner do in 1847? Sojourner worked as a housekeeper for George Benson, brother-in-law of William Lloyd Garrison, in Northampton in 1847.
012 What famous woman did Sojourner visit in October of 1853? 1853 -   Harriet Beecher Stowe in Andover, Mass. Later Stowe used this meeting as the basis for her famous article, "The Libyan Sibyl."
013 A Quaker named Henry Willis first brought Sojourner to what city? 1856 - Battle Creek, Michigan, to address Friends of Human Progress in 1856
014 Sojourner claimed to have quit smoking in what year? To whom did she make this proclaimation? In 1868 Sojourner told Amy Post, a feminist and aboloitionist,  that she had quit smoking.
015 Sojourner campaigned for free land for former slaves in the years 1878-79. Who was her traveling companion through much of this journey? Sojourner and Frances Titus travel through New York and other eastern states for six months during the fall and winter -- visit Kansas and Wisconsin during the summer, to campaign for free land for former slaves
016 In what year did Frederick Douglass sign Sojourner's Book of Life? 1871 - Frederick Douglass signed her Book of Life while she was making rounds for freedom in New York.
017 According to the 1860 census, who lived with Sojourner? Sojourner's household, as listed in Calhoun County census, included daughter Elizabeth Banks, age 35, grandsons Sammy Banks, age 8 and James "Colvin" (Caldwell), age 16
018 Who officiated at Sojourner's funeral?

The Reverend Reed Stuart, pastor of the Congregational Church in Battle Creek, Michigan, "... delivered an able discourse on the occasion and paid an eloquent tribute to the deceased." Battle Creek Journal, Nov. 28, 1883

019 In what year did the Sojourner Truth Memorial Association create a new headstone for Sojourner's grave? In April 1945, John J. Evans, chairman of the Memorial Association's Monument Committee reported that the cost of a new marker would be $400. It was purchased but not installed until June of 1946 because of wartime delays.


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