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001 How many homes did Sojourner Truth own? She owned three homes all together. Northampton, Mass. (1850), Harmonia village outside Battle Creek, Michigan (1857) and College Street, Battle Creek, Michigan (1867).
002 How many children did Sojourner Truth have and what were their names? Five -- Diana (c. 1815); Peter (c. 1822); Elizabeth (c. 1825); Sophia (c.1826) and child who died in infancy. Some controversy came about following an article by Frances Dana Gage wherein she published her enhanced version of the "Ain't I A Woman" speech in the Anti-Slavery Standard (May 2, 1863). In it Sojourner is quoted as having 13 children. Historians today primarily agree on five.
003 How long did Sojourner Truth stay in Battle Creek and Harmonia? During the twenty-six years that she lived in Harmonia and Battle Creek, Sojourner Truth continued to travel around the nation delivering her message. In fact, she was gone from the city for many months at a time. But she continued to regard the city as her home and Battle Creek citizens were proud of their "distinguished townswoman."
004 Why did Sojourner Truth and her grandson, Sammy Banks, travel to Kansas in 1871? To promote free land for ex-slaves
005 What two Presidents of the United States did Sojourner Truth meet in the White House? Abraham Lincoln (1864) and Ulysses Grant (1870)
006 What was the first lawsuit that Sojourner Truth filed and won? To secure the return of her son, Peter, who had been illegally sold into slavery in Alabama from New York (1827-28)
007 Who wrote the first edition of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth? Olive Gilbert, a feminist-abolitionist who met Sojourner at the Northampton commune in 1844-45. The preface was written by William Lloyd Garrison.
008 Where is Sojourner Truth buried, and what other members of her family are buried with her? Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, Michigan. Her grandsons, Sammy Banks and William Boyd, and her daughters, Elizabeth Banks Boyd and Diana Corbin are buried in the same plot.
009 How many times was Sojourner sold as a slave? Trick Question None. She took the name Sojourner as a free woman. Before freedom she was sold three times: 1806, 1808, 1810


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