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Site Tips
To make your visit more profitable, we have created three visitor profiles, each designed as a tour of useful information. After clicking on a tour destination, be sure to use your browser's back button to return to this listing.

Elementary school teachers --
start here.

1. Educators orientation in the
Test Your Knowledge/Educators menu
(Click Here)

2. For articles written with younger readers in mind be sure to visit the Library/ Archives menu
(Click Here).

3. You will want to answer questions or have your students learn about Sojourner's Life. A good overview article can be found in History/Biography. The link below is a shortcut to "Legacy of Faith"
Click Here

4.  Recommended Reading

History Buffs --
start here.

We suggest starting with Sojourner's biography, followed by a visit to In Her Times and ending on the Scholar's Page.
You can see a list of photos used at this
site by clicking here. Also,  Recommended Reading

Researching a paper?
Start here.

1.  Overview of Sojourner's life
2.  Library/Archives
3.  Search
4.  Recommended Reading



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