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Sojourner Truth Contributing
Scholars and Historians

Scholars, Contributors and Historians

Martin L. Ashley
Mary G. Butler
Berenice Lowe (1896 - 1983)
Thea Rozetta Lapham
Carleton Mabee
Nell Irvin Painter
Frances Thornton
Mrs. Frances Titus (1816 - 1894)

Setting the Record Straight
Early writings about Sojourner tended to be romanticised. Some of this is due to Sojourner's grand style, some due to the style of reporting in her time. Scholars like Berenice Lowe worked diligently to understand the truth. Here is commentary in the form of articles that help clarify certain issues.

The Family of Sojourner Truth
Michigan Days of Sojourner Truth

For further clarification of critical issues, read:
Carleton Mabee's Sojourner Truth, Slave, Prophet, Legend, written with his daughter, Susan Mabee Newhouse. (New York, New York University Press, 1995, available in hardback and paperback).

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