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Recommended Reading
To read more about Sojourner Truth, her life and her issues,
here are several excellent sources for all levels of readers.

Other Sources

BK-SlaveProphet.jpg (11692 bytes) For adults, the basic biography is Carleton Mabee's Sojourner Truth, Slave, Prophet, Legend, written with his daughter, Susan Mabee Newhouse. (New York, New York University Press, 1995, available in hardback and paperback).
BK-ALifeASymbol.jpg (12822 bytes) Adults An excellent biographical study by Nell Irvin Painter, Sojourner Truth, A Life, A Symbol, was published in 1996 (New York, W. W. Norton & Company, available in hardback and paperback).
BK-NarrativeOf.jpg (13991 bytes) Adults An annotated version of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth is edited by Margaret Washington (New York, Vintage Classics, Random House, Inc., 1993, available in paperback).
BK-AintIAWoman.jpg (10157 bytes) Middle school readers will enjoy Sojourner Truth, Ain't I a Woman? by Patricia and Frederick McKissack, a Scholastic Biography (New York, Scholastic Press, 1992, available in paperback).
BK-SlaveAbolitionist.jpg (14947 bytes) Aletha Jane Lindstrom's Slave, Abolitionist, Fighter for Women's Rights, published by the Julian Messner division of Simon & Schuster (New York, 1980), is a good book for elementary school age readers. Although it is out of print, the book is available in most libraries.

Other Sources

1. The archives of the Historical Society of Battle Creek contain original materials about Sojourner Truth, including the only known example of her signature, letters requesting her to speak, a phrenological reading from New York, information on the Titus family and numerous photographs.

The archives are located in the

Fieldstone Center
165 N. Washington Avenue
Battle Creek, Michigan

For further information, or to arrange for an appointment to work in the archives, contact Mary Butler, archivist, (269) 966-4157 or
email: bchist @ net-link.net.

HeritageCover.gif (11485 bytes)2. A special issue of Heritage Battle Creek, a journal of local history, was published in the fall of 1997. This issue dealt with Sojourner Truth and other women reformers who addressed her issues. The journal is published by the Historical Society of Battle Creek and may be obtained by contacting:

Historical Society of Battle Creek
165 N. Washington Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 965-2613 or fax (269)966-2495


Heritage Battle Creek, volume 8, costs $7.00 plus 6% Michigan sales tax. VISA and Mastercard are accepted.

3. The Martich Black History Collection is housed in the Local History Collection of the Willard Public Library in Battle Creek, Michigan. This collection of information about local black history includes an extensive section on Sojourner Truth.

Local historians Michael and Dorothy Martich began assembling information about Battle Creek's black population in 1983. Since then, more than 80 binders with over 60,000 references have been collected. The bulk of the entries are newspaper references, printed materials and photographs. The collection is indexed and microfilmed.

The project was partially funded by the Albert L. and Louise B. Miller Foundation of Battle Creek.

For further information, contact the Local History Collection at:

Willard Public Library
7 W. Van Buren Street
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 968-8166, ext. 503 or fax (269) 968-3284




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