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Your Turn to Submit

If you have artistic talent, we want to hear from you. There are three categories that you can use to submit. You can submit as part of a school project, to win recognition, and  to gain entry to the permanent collection. for more details, read the following information.

Submit as part of a school project.

Teachers are invited to forward exceptional classroom art projects. Submissions forwarded to the Institute will be posted  to our website. We have a few limitations, as you can imagine.

Advance Notice Required:   We must to be notified in advance as to the nature and scope of the pending submission. You can do this with email to staff@sojournertruth.org or by calling 269 965-0521.

Size and Shape limitations:   We can only accept certain kinds of submissions. For example, if your student(s) create sculptures, we must receive photos of the sculptures, not the originals. We can work with any of the following media (crayon, colored  pencil, tempera). You must spray a fixative on soft media before shipping. If in doubt, please contact us. Art must be of a size that will easily fit into a desktop scanner (8.5"  by 11" or smaller).

Clear Labeling:  Each piece of art must be clearly labeled on the back side of the art in the upper right hand corner. Here is the information: Name of school, name of teacher, name of student, name of artwork if applicable.

Disclaimer:  We are not liable or in any way responsible for any damage to artwork occurring during shipping or while in our possession. Please understand that sending copies of some kinds of artwork is your best option. Also, it is possible that we will not post these items on your schedule, but will rotate them into use as our schedule allows. We will forward a posting date but request your understanding in this matter.

Submit to gain recognition.

The Institute recognizes artists by posting their work on our website. In some instances we may also post this work in our gallery. Such work will only be accepted at the discretion of the Institute and must follow submission guidelines set forth in the Guidelines for Submission to the Permanent Collection section below. We encourage every artist touched by the life of Sojourner Truth to consider this offer and thank you in advance for your consideration.

Recognized work will be posted in our gallery for a period of from one month to one year with full attribution going to the artist. Contact information is optional.

Submit to be entered into the permanent collection.

The Institute has a number of works in its permanent collection. Some of these works were commissioned. You may submit work for recognition (see above) and also for consideration to be joined into our permanent collection. We only add one or two works to the permanent collection every year. In these cases, we purchase the work and all rights to the work. For more information , read the Guidelines for Submission section below and/or contact the staff for further information.

Guidelines for Submission  to the Permanent Collection.

There is no current constraint on the type of media being considered for the permanent collection, except to say that the media must be capable of standing up to time and be of a substance conducive to display. Paintings, drawings, sculptures including metal and soft sculptures, and photographs are all considered for the permanent collection. There is no current size limitation though we can imagine that in some instances, works too large for consideration in our gallery may not be considered. Furthermore, there are no constraints on the subject matter except to say that we favor work that honors the life and  mission of Sojourner Truth.

Consideration for the permanent collection is the responsibility of the Institute staff and its designees and all decisions are final. Upon acceptance a cash settlement will be awarded to the artist in return for a release to the Institute and an acknowledgement of authenticity.

Submissions may be made in the form of slides, prints and other copies. Consider these copies expendable, unless other arrangements are made in advance for their return. Do not send originals for consideration.

Entries can be mailed to:

Sojourner Truth Institute
172 West Van Buren St.
Battle Creek, Michigan  49017

Forward questions to:


or call:

269 965-0521



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